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Tarot MAX/Tarot MAX Free隱私權政策(Privacy policies)

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Tarot MAX/Tarot MAX Free隱私權政策

Tarot MAX/Tarot MAX Free 並不會收集您的個人資料,如姓名、地址、電子郵件地址或電話號碼。

Tarot MAX/Tarot MAX Free的分享功能會使用到您的facebook帳號,但這項功能由您所控制使用,而且我們也不會收集及知曉您的facebook帳號。

Tarot MAX/Tarot MAX Free的大師親算程式內服務,會需要您提供名稱、生日與電子郵件地址,這些資料僅會作為占卜參考和回覆占卜內容之用;決不會向任何其他人士或企業提供您的個人資料,或與之分享。


Tarot MAX/Tarot MAX Free Privacy policies

Tarot MAX/Tarot MAX Free App would not collect your personal information, such as your name, address, email address, and phone/cell phone number.

The share functions of Tarot MAX/Tarot MAX Free need your facebook account, while you can decide uses it or not, and even you use this function we also would not aware of your facebook account.

The in app purchase function, Tarot MAX Advanced Analysis would need your name, email address, and birthday to divine and response your question, while we will not provide or share these information to other people or companies.


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