Tarot MAX app All new arrival !

How to find your love?

Is there a rival to interfere your relationship?

Is it a good timing to change your work?

What’s the connection between you and your beloved pet?

Do you suit for each other?

---------All answer in Tarot MAX !!!(APP for Android/iPhone)

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This is the most practical and complete experience of Tarot reading, the classic masterpiece among apps of numerology. You will be able to experience the essence of Tarot theory, which you will also discover yourself, exploring love, and to clarify the friendship you have from your work, even the fate between you and your pet. Tarot MAX provides the most comprehensive experience of mysterious power of Tarot. Either you are staying at home, stock in traffic jam, daydreaming in class, or working over time, you can get the suggestion from Tarot immediately.


The characteristics of 5 modules
Original Type of Your Soul

This mystic method combines the theory of Archetypal Psychology from Carl Gustav Jung, which is more accurate to reflect one’s characteristic and provides the suggestions for work which fit you the best. It only takes the birth year/month/day then you will know the real personality of yourself, friends of yours, your partner and your enemy. Furthermore, you can find the best pair about your relationship, and the deepest secrets when you get along with people.


FAQ Speed Divine

This is a fast Tarot divine which specially focus on the most common questions according to 4 main categories: Characteristic, Work, Relationship and Life. Are you suspicious your partner is cheating on you? Is your career or your work is able to continue? What should you be aware of in your interview this afternoon? What should you pay attention to during your trip next week? The answers are all in Tarot MAX!! (FAQ database is updated continuously)


Pet Divine

It combines the oriental reincarnation theory and helps you to realize the fate between you and your beloved pet from your past and present lives, and how’s in the mind of your pet!


Daily Key Report

Based on your daily life to remind you and help you to understand the special meaning of the day, or give you suggestions to avoid the unpleasant surprises and gain more luck!


Tarot Advanced Self-Divination

It takes the completely 78 Tarot cards and 3 most practical Tarot Spreads (Lover’s Pyramid, Star David of Work, and Celtic Cross Spread), which focus on Love/Marriage and Work/Study and the whole process is just like you are experiencing it in person (you can even decide to the direction of every card). The result will be explained with different position in the spread, and the card is reversed or not to give you explanation, just like a Tarot master is solving your problem in person and gives you the most shocking of the result!


The content of those 5 modules are beyond your imagination, you don’t want to miss it!!

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